Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why Won't They Serve?

Homeowners won’t volunteer for boards of directors of community associations—another nail in the coffin?

Community associations are corporations. Their bylaws require management of the association by an elected board of directors. That board serves all of the owners by conducting the business of the association. Like any corporation, the board of directors, and its officers, have the sole legal authority to handle all of the vital functions of the enterprise—from hiring and firing property managers, to contracting for repairs, to determining the adequacy of the association’s revenue stream.

A property manager does not have the authority to conduct the business of the association on its own. No matter how good, how skilled the manager, without the legal power of the corporation behind it, business would stop. Vendors would not continue to provide critical services to the association if there was no one with the authority to write checks. Local government would begin to question whether a condominium project could continue to be habitable if no one was able to pay the water or the electric bill.

Without the board of directors, the association would cease to function. There is no alternative within a corporate framework. Yet many associations have a very difficult time recruiting board members. Board positions go unfilled waiting for volunteers. This has potentially disastrous consequences and justifies further examination. First, we’ll examine some of the reasons why it is so difficult to convince owners to serve on their community association’s board of directors and then discuss the impact of that.

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  1. what about fear of being sued personally? WD

  2. MY association wont allow a washer or dryer in units This creats a monopoly for the laundry room.It is hard ti charge a buuer $250,000 and tell them they must schlep their laundry to a community machine where baby or oldsters pooped clothes are washed. WD