Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Reader Responds...

What About Absentee Owners Who Won't Serve?

Dear Tyler,
I am the president of our HOA board and I pointed our homeowners to your recent 'blog posting while pleading once again this year for candidates.
One of our resident owners responded with a point about another problem to add to your list and I thought I would pass it along to you.
Thanks for your efforts to educate.
Ken Meeuwse
Pleasant Hill
It occurs to me that Tyler Berding has missed one essential problem with condominiums and their Boards in his article and that is absentee homeowners who rent their units and expect resident homeowners to do all the managing of the association.
I am aware of at least two owners in my building who have owned and rented their units since the association was first organized and have never served on the Board. They are the owners of Unit [] and Unit []. There may be others in the complex and there are other owner/renters in this building who have owned for a number of years and never served as well. I suggest that the current Board make them aware of THEIR responsibility. Since they have relied for 28 years on people like me who have served multiple times on the Board to manage the complex in which theirr investment property is located, I suggest that the Board specifically contact the absentee owner/landlords and tell them that it is their turn to serve.
If they are unwilling to do so, then I think it is time for the Association to explore what legal options we have to take into account the additional cost absentee owners represent to the Association and to resident owners such as the difficulty in getting fixed rate financing on one's unit due to the number of rental units, increased clean up costs from more frequent move in/move out in those units, lack of absentee owner participation on Board, etc. and assess absentee owners accordingly.
Those of us who have served multiple times on the Board have a right to ask those who have not and who have a unit owned here for more than a decade (whether they live here or not) to step up to the plate!

Ken, thanks for your note and for forwarding the comments above. He is correct--absentee owners are less likely to serve on the board of directors than residents. 


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  1. It's time to Y2K the way HOAs do business and their respective narrow-minded management companies.

    Good point on the absentee owners and I, too, agree with that. Many non-absentee residents cannot even serve because HOAs are stuck in a 9-5 world and have week-day meetings at 7:00 p.m. Many residents who commute and work other schedules than 9-5, cannot serve or attend week-day meetings which leaves most of the community in the dark about what's going on. Our HOA is NOT forthcoming with ANY information and I'm sure no one in this community even knows it is their duty to serve but like I said, the HOA doesn't make it easy to serve either plus if you don't like the management company, why would an owner want be on the Board?