Saturday, April 22, 2023

Another Florida Condo Building Evacuated

 When the Surfside, Florida high-rise condominium building collapsed, many experts blamed poorly maintained reinforced concrete and the building's podium slab design. There have been several more high-rise Florida reinforced concrete condominium buildings evacuated after expert investigations identified potentially dangerous conditions. 

Now we have a low-rise wood-frame condominium building, also in Florida, ordered evacuated, again after inspectors identified deteriorating structural conditions.

According to CNN, "During an inspection on April 14 (2023), a building engineer found the Majestic Isle condominium building in North Bay Village had sagging floors and termite damage and deemed it structurally unsafe."

Majestic Isle is 60 years old. It is three stories with 36 condo units. It is very typical of many condominium buildings built in California as well as many other states. What sets Majestic Isle apart from hundreds of other similar buildings? Nothing except that this one had a thorough inspection of its structural components after a partial ceiling collapse.

Whether this building can be repaired for an amount the owners can afford is unknown, but our experience with structural damage in other wood frame buildings suggests that it will be very expensive and that there will be little or no reserve funding to cover it.

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