Thursday, August 7, 2008

We're on the Radio!

Listen to community association talk show host Shu Bartholomew interview your blogger Tyler Berding on her radio show, "On the Commons." We discuss the past and the future of common interest developments--some of it fanciful, but most of it is the real deal. Shu says: "Some of his observations about today's projects are dead on and some of his visions would take American homeowners in yet another direction.   Please join us On The Commons.  We'll talk about lessons learned and hear some of his thoughts on where we may be headed with this experiment in communal living.  Will it be a brave new world or a scary place to be?  Tune in and you decide."

Click on the title link above to read her summary and listen to the show!

The Decline of Suburbia?

We have written many times in this blog about the benefits and perhaps, the inevitability, of reversing the trend to suburbia that started half a century ago. Conserving resources, shrinking commute times, re-developing old community associations and finding social benefits to living in higher density communities are all becoming increasingly obvious strategies as this century gets started. Ben Tracy, writing for CBS News, has not only captured a sample of this trend, but he also predicts that this could portend the decline of suburbia.  

To read Tracy's report, click the title link above.